With Mother’s Day just around the corner (yes, it does feel earlier this year!) here at Boob HQ we’re grabbing our flowers and once again hitting our local Scribbler store to purchase our cards for Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re celebrating your work mum, your ‘mom friend’ or your family matriarch, Scribbler’s range of cute, punny and funny Mother’s Day cards have you covered. Here at CoppaFeel! our personal favorites include “No.1 Dog Mummy” (so cute!) and “Mum You Rule My World” (for the Take That throwback!). 

Two mothers day cards sit on top of a table. one card has an illustration of Take That on with the test 'Mum you rule my world' and the second card has an illustration of a woman holding lots of dogs, with the text 'NO1 Dog Mummy'.

Their range of fa-boob-lous cards are donating 12.5% of sale price to CoppaFeel!, meaning we can reach even more young people with our chest-checking message.

Our breasties Scribbler have been supporting us for over three years now, and we recently celebrated them having raised a whopping £80,000 since the inception of the partnership. That’s a whole lot more young people that we’ve been able to reach with our life-saving message, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

Thank you Scribbler, and thank you to all the Mother figures out there, in your various guises – you’re the breast ❤️

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