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Can We Pull You for a Chat? 👀

We’re so excited as the infamous Love Island villa returns to our TV screens, making weeknights a whole lot better. Because the Love Island team are loyal babes, our ‘check your chest’ stickers have made their return to the bathrooms of the villa—some might say we’ve stuck it on ’em 😉.

This summer promises to be hotter than ever with the return of Love Island, and we’re thrilled to be part of the action once again. With all eyes on the villa, our stickers are all about spreading a life-saving message in the perfect place. Even host Maya Jama is coming in hot, reminding you to cop a feel. 

We’re incredibly thankful to the wonderful Love Island team for bringing back our CoppaFeel! chest-checking prompts on the villa’s bathroom mirrors. Their support helps us continue to raise awareness about breast cancer in young people. The villa’s contestants might be there for love, but we’re here to spread the love of self-care and health awareness.

So, while you’re cheering for your favourite couples and keeping up with the latest villa drama, remember to take a moment for yourself. A quick chest check can make all the difference. Early detection is crucial, and a simple self-check can lead to early diagnosis and better outcomes.

We’re wishing the entire Love Island crew and the cast of Summer 2024 an amazing season. Let’s make this summer not only memorable for the Love Island memes but also for the life-saving checks. So, keep watching, ’cause it’s gonna be a long, hot summer!

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