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This season, Lucy & Yak are #BaringAll with their new collection – and supporting CoppaFeel! whilst they do it!

A mix of different types of boobs, chests and pecs, all shown on. different body types in a pop art style. In the middle sits the Lucy & Yak logo with the text '#BaringAll'

Like us here at CoppaFeel!, Lucy & Yak believe that all breasts and chests, however you identify, have the right to be celebrated. That’s why they’ve created a brand new eight-piece collection, featuring a color-fuelled photography print of 10 different beautiful chests. They also produced an incredible shoot, featuring photographs of real people with different stories to tell who were suggested to the brand by the wonderful  Lydia Reeves.

For every item in the collection sold, Lucy and Yak are donating £1.50 to CoppaFeel!, and the wonderful Not A Phase and People vs Big Tech. The donation will be split equally between all three charities.

At CoppaFeel!, we know the importance of normalising talking about boobs, pecs or chests  – in all their forms – to encourage everyone to check their chest and get to know their normal. We know this can lead to earlier breast cancer diagnosis, and ultimately save lives.


That’s why we’re so excited to be joining forces with Lucy & Yak, to shout from the rooftops and celebrate all chests! We’re so proud to be part of this campaign, and so grateful to Lucy & Yak for their support!

You can find out more about Lucy & Yak’s campaign and shop the full collection here – grab your beautiful chest piece before it’s gone!

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