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Inclusive Change Advisory Group

Meet our Inclusive Change Advisory Group who give power to the voices of all of our beneficiaries and take proactive steps to ensure CoppaFeel! better reach, represent, amplify and support their needs. We are grateful for their honesty, bravery and expertise in guiding our work to create a more equitable future for our charity and the beneficiaries we serve.

Raye Saleh

Raye is the co-founder of Public Ambition leading on their global operations and client relations. Raye has worked on digital campaigns for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands and is now an expert at strategy development and project delivery. Graduating from Imperial College London with an Immunology Masters has contributed to Raye’s logical thinking, curiosity and results driven attributes. She joined the ICAG because her mission is to support people and projects that impact and drive social progression.

Alex Grieve

Alex first got involved with CoppaFeel! at uni on a project to help them adapt the charity to the challenges of COVID. Having had much family experience with breast cancer and cancer in general, he has always supported cancer awareness charities and decided that joining the ICAG would be a great chance to continue doing his part to raise awareness while also supporting the charity to ensure that their output is more inclusive & equitable!

Sabrina Mohsin

Sabrina believes that being a part of ICAG is a great opportunity to make sure CoppaFeel!’s message reaches a variety of people and that our work is accessible and relatable to all.  She hopes that the ICAF can help give more people the confidence to know their body, to know when something isn’t right and to speak to healthcare professionals about getting help. Sabrina’s involvement in ICAG is to ensure that everyone is able to interact with CoppaFeel! and find a story or programme which resonates with them and helps them to look out for their health!

Merryn Thomas

Merryn has been aware of the work CoppaFeel! does since university and felt driven to get involved with the ICAG. As a wheelchair user she is all too familiar with seeing disabled people forgotten about and left out of discussions around D+I and personally understands how powerful it can be to see someone that looks like you, or who has had similar experiences to you being represented in an authentic way. She is also acutely aware, as a disabled woman, of the challenges there can be in accessing health services so is keen to help make sure the good word of boob checking is accessible to all!

Laura Hignett

As someone who is profoundly deaf, Laura regularly experience barriers in everyday life. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion particularly for those with a disability as there is often a serious lack of representation of those with a disability. Using her lived experiences of being deaf and her knowledge of working in the charity sector, she is delighted to be able to help contribute and shape inclusion at CoppaFeel!

Molly Wysocki-Jones

Having first-hand experience of the difference that CoppaFeel! makes with the confidence to know your normal and frequently check your chest, Molly is honoured to be joining the ICAG. Championing ED&I both through her work in organisational development and on a personal level, Molly is particularly passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion in healthcare. Through personal experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Molly strongly believes in the accessibility and inclusion of healthcare and the life-saving work of CoppaFeel! Joining the ICAG is a brilliant opportunity to continue the conversation of the importance of representation and inclusion and Molly hopes to make healthcare a safe and supportive place for all.

We recognise that at CoppaFeel! certain groups have been historically underrepresented and left out of the conversation, meaning they need and deserve our support now more than ever. In order to achieve this we need to take action and responsibility for a more inclusive and just future. To read more about our commitment to sustainable, equitable change or to offer any insight please follow the links below.

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