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Breast cancer can affect anybody. That means we need to be actively inclusive in our work.

It is our job to ensure that everyone has access to our chest-checking message. While historically we have operated on the understanding that our work implicitly speaks to and includes “everyone”, this fails to acknowledge existing health inequities, societal and systemic barriers. Our approach can’t be one-size-fits-all and instead we must be mindful of individual and intersectional needs so that we can tailor our checking guidance accordingly. 

While our aim is to reach every 18 – 24 year old, when it comes to the data we know there are certain individuals or groups that must be prioritised as they experience worse health outcomes or face barriers to our breast awareness message. We have a responsibility to ensure that our work is intentionally designed with and for minoritised communities if we truly want to empower everyone to get to know their bodies. Therefore, equity, diversity and inclusion has to be at the heart of our work if we believe in quality healthcare and education for all.

The following principles help ground our EDI work and shape our ways of working as a team, with our volunteers and with the people that we collaborate with:

  • Intention
  • Zero tolerance to injustices
  • Give power to others
  • Self reflection

“We must acknowledge both the historical context of the charity sector and where we may have profited previously so that we can correct the disadvantage when marginalised young people are not represented nor actively involved in our work. We need to go further than ‘efforts’ and ‘commitments’ and intentionally make waves to close the health inequity gap. My hope is that this work is led with honesty and compassion. We don’t shy away from the difficult conversations and are bold in our delivery for the future. We won’t always get it right, but we will listen and act bravely to create meaningful behaviour change.” 

– Phoebe Lazell, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

You may not know...


We're officially an accredited Bloody Good Employer.

We are the first organisation to offically become a Bloody Good Employer!

Find our more here


We've appointed a full-time EDI Manager

We now have dedicated resource working on improving our EDI at CoppaFeel!


We founded an Inclusive Change Advisory Group.

Find out more here


We launched a series of posters and dedicated resources for Trans and Non-Binary people

Check out our resources, made in collaboration with OUTpatients, the LGBTIQ+ cancer charity.

Find our more here


Translated our checking leaflets into 5 languages: Arabic, Bengali, English, Punjabi and Welsh.

We now offer our checking leaflet in Arabic, Bengali, English, Punjabi and Welsh.

Find out more here


We worked with Inclusive Consultancy to reshape our recruitment process & attract diverse talent.


We created checking resources for individuals with learning disabilities

Dedicated resources, made alongside Orchid and Ansar Projects. 

Find out more here


We’re using our latest research to build out our awareness strategies.

We’re using our latest research which focused on understanding health inequities, behaviours and barriers to checking amongst minoritised groups to build out our awareness strategies.


Read about how this work began:
(Branding by Taylor Campbell)

Our Strategy Priority Areas:


We are always happy to be called in and listen to our community. We encourage any feedback that helps us do better. Thank you for supporting us while we establish ourselves as an anti-racist, inclusive and accessible organisation.

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