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Breast cancer can affect anybody, no matter your age, gender, disability or background so it’s really important for everyone to get to know what’s normal for their body. CoppaFeel!’s message is for everyone, which is why it is important for us that our information is as accessible as possible.

We are delighted to have collaborated with Ansar Projects and Orchid to create first of their kind resources for people with a learning disability. Breast cancer is more treatable when caught at an early stage, which is why we hope that these resources will help more people get to know their bodies and seek medical advice if they notice any changes.

We are very proud to have developed these tools in collaboration with CoppaFeel! and Orchid, which we hope will be of benefit to people with a learning disability, their families and support staff. The idea behind them was to support and develop conversations that would help people feel comfortable getting to know their bodies. By supporting people with a learning disability to know their own bodies better, the resources will help early detection of any change. Our hope is that these tools will be used in a variety of settings and be an aid to anyone with a learning disability, their families or support staff in raising awareness of the importance of checking yourself regularly and to empower people in getting to know their bodies.” – Christine Harvey, Lead Director for Ansar Projects

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The resources are the first of their kind and include accessible breast and testicular cancer information packs, self-checking cards, breast and testicular cancer symptom guides, self-checking social stories and information on what to expect if you notice a change. All the resources are designed with support from disability, diversity and accessibility specialists to ensure all people are able to learn how to effectively check their bodies and get to know their normal.

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Resources for people with a learning disability

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