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Real Stories: Lucy

18 October 2022

Lucy’s Story

“I found my lump by chance. For me, catching it early was probably the difference between life and death.”

Lucy was diagnosed with breast cancer after accidentally finding a lump in her chest. “Being breast aware is about understanding what your breasts feel like, what they look like, what’s normal,” Lucy explains, “that way you can identify if there’s some kind of change.”

Lucy took part in CoppaFeel!’s Know Yourself campaign. “For me, it’s really important to represent a black woman with breast cancer because there’s probably lots of other women that were like me and didn’t feel like there was anyone they could speak to. And now I’ve got an opportunity to be that person that I needed.”

Black African and Caribbean women are twice as likely to be diagnosed at stage 4 breast cancer than white women. (Public Health England, 2018)

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