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The Self-Checkout

02 June 2021

The wait is over, our shiny new, game-changing tool, The Self-Checkout has arrived!

The Self-Checkout is designed to help you get to know your chest by addressing some of the common barriers to checking. Whether you are a newbie starting out, or an occasional checker, The Self-Checkout guides you through the steps to get started and supports you in making it a regular part of your routine. The Self-Checkout is not a diagnostic tool, but instead provides practical support to help build your confidence and knowledge when you’re checking.


Our annual research shows that currently only 36% of young women are checking on a monthly basis, and only around 50% feel confident doing so*. This is even lower for young men, with only 15% checking on a monthly basis. We wanted to understand why this was the case and find a solution to help support you on your journey to becoming a regular, confident checker.

With the help of Common Collective, our research partner, we carried out extensive behavioural research. This included focus groups and workshops to determine the barriers, triggers and considerations when it comes to self-checking. With the support of the National Lottery Community Fund and the Government, we have listened and responded to the feedback by creating an inclusive and accessible web app providing reassurance and knowledge around checking.

The Self-Checkout is a one-stop shop for advice on how to check your boobs/pecs/chest, giving you the option to personalise the experience according to your needs. You have the option to select terms based on your gender identity and can select the information that is relevant to you if you are pregnant or taking the contraceptive pill. It has a range of features to normalise the checking experience, including a ‘check-in’ count, a step-by-step guide and share function, as well as important SMS, email and calendar reminders with downloadable checklists and videos.

We know breast cancer can affect people of any age and gender, which is why The Self-Checkout exists to provide information about breast cancer in a reassuring and inclusive way. Don’t just take our word for it…

*CoppaFeel! Annual Research September 2020

“The Self-Checkout will be game changing for so many young people to help them feel more comfortable starting to check. Everything from the graphics, to the language, to the way the flow guides you through the experience is appropriate at every level and reassuring for first time checkers. I am so proud to have been involved in creating a vital resource to build confidence and knowledge in boob checking.”

Dr Beth Lynch, Liverpool GP and Member of CoppaFeel! Medical Advisory Group

“The Self-Checkout chest guide that CoppaFeel! have developed is absolutely amazing! It really helps break down the steps of checking your chest as well as monitoring changes, looking out for signs and symptoms, and giving examples of how to check yourself. From the second I entered the site I was so pleased by the use of gender neutral language. As a transmasculine non-binary person, it’s so important to me that discussions around my body are inclusive. With options to choose your preferred language as well as a wide variety of chests being represented and discussed, CoppaFeel! have done a great job at that. THIS IS THE INCLUSIVITY WE NEED!”

Az Franco, Artist and Activist (@youcancallmeaz)

A big thank you to Common Collective for their behavioural insight work behind the design of the tool, and Miroma Project Factory for all their work producing The Self-Checkout. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the UK Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund.

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