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To celebrate International Women’s Day we put the call out for talented illustrators and artists to help us design a limited-edition range of sustainably made and ethically sourced t-shirts and tote bags, with  50% of profits supporting our work with young people, and 50% going to the designer. We had an overwhelming response to the brief and the mammoth task of whittling the entries down to the five you see here, created by Grace, Sam, Sophie, Ava and Millie. We spoke to them about defining their style and the women who’ve inspired them to grab life by the boobs.

The Grab Life collection is no-longer available to buy (updated 2024)

Sam Barrett

Sam is a graphic designer and illustrator from East Yorkshire. Having lost a close family member to breast cancer in her twenties, Sam took our brief and answered it with a simple, but vital call to action: CHECK YOUR BOOBS! We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

My style in three words:

Playful, bold and feminine!

What Grabbing Life means to me:

Grabbing Life By The Boobs’ to me means taking charge of your life and your health! I believe your health is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. Having just recently had a baby, I’m aware of that now more than ever! For me, it’s about living life to its fullest today and taking care of tomorrow.

The woman that inspires me most: 

I found it hard to narrow down to just one woman that inspires me as I am inspired by so many women all the time in various areas of my life, from women who I see day-to-day and women I follow on Instagram who I’ve never met! Ultimately, however, I’ve chosen my Mum. She’s resilient, hard-working and driven. I believe my creative passion is from my mum’s side of the family too.

Ava Mallett

Ava is a creative who splits her time between the US and Scotland. Her design spoke to us on many levels*: as lovers of boobs, as advocates of sharing the boob-love with your mates, and as very, very, big fans of Cheer. *Pun intended.

My style in three words:

Dainty dinky doodles

What Grabbing Life means to me:

Taking a chance on what puts butterflies in your stomach and affirming what puts a smile on your face. Fighting for what you are passionate about and lifting up the voices of those you admire.

The woman that inspires me most: 

My sister-in-law Nat just finished kicking breast cancer’s a** this past year, and managed a mastectomy, chemo AND radiation with a smile the whole way. She moves through this world with a grace and kindness that I could only dream of! I’m in awe of her wealth of empathy and enthusiasm for life. Plus she created another huge source of inspiration for me: my niece, Emmylou!

Sophie Mannion

Sophie is a designer from Bristol, currently based in London. Her simple but elegant design stood out to us for it’s characterful reminder that your boobs deserve to be shown some love.

My style in three words:

Fun, colourful, ironic.

What Grabbing Life means to me:

Grabbing life by the boobs to me is valuing how amazing life can be; appreciating epic experiences as well as simple pleasures and the people in our life who make us happy. Really just making the most of our time.

The woman that inspires me most: 

The woman who inspires me most is my mum. She is kind, strong and selfless, is a dab hand with a power tool and looks banging in a plunging neckline. She has taught me to be adventurous and take every opportunity, but also to value what you’ve got. I also hope that by sucking up to her she will take me away on holiday this year. Thanks in advance mum.

Grace McGettigan

Grace is an illustrator and designer from London. We loved her playful and positive design that stands as a great reminder to seize the day, and your boobs.

My style in three words:

Experimental, playful and miscellaneous

What Grabbing Life means to me:

Grabbing Life By The Boobs is living every day without fear! Taking on new opportunities with confidence and constantly being your own hype-woman. Believing in yourself. Respecting your body, looking after it, and checking it!

The woman that inspires me most: 

Aside from the women in my family I would have to say Bryony Gordon. A few years ago my Counsellor had mentioned to me that I should read her book ’the wrong knickers’, as she thought I would find her inspiring, and she wasn’t wrong. Her bravery to speak out honestly about her mental health in a way that was so relatable, made me feel less alone. I love how she embraces who she is on every level, she’s a kick ass woman who should be on everyones radar!

Millie Sewell-Knight

Millie is an illustrator and textile artist based in London, who makes work inspired by fashion, folk art and the natural world. We thought her ‘unapologetically feminine’ design was the perfect answer to our International Women’s Day brief.

My style in three words:

Vibrant, decorative, whimsical

What Grabbing Life means to me:

To me, ‘Grab life by the boobs’ means embracing life and all its ups and downs whole-heartedly! Even if that means stepping out of our comfort zones and facing our insecurities. I think it also brings to light the value of self care and awareness of our bodies as I have learned, especially recently, how important it is to be in tune with yourself and what you need.

The woman that inspires me most: 

I am so inspired by so many women and the amazing things that they achieve every day, which makes it hard to pick just one, but recently I have been particularly inspired by my dear friend Emma (left in photo). We met at university a few years ago where we both studied illustration and have kept each other close ever since. She has recently faced some scary health battles of her own and I am so in awe of her strength and ability to take everything in her stride. She is a wonderfully creative person, a passionate activist and a fierce friend. I don’t think I have ever met anybody with so much love to give, so unconditionally.

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