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Education & awareness is at the core of what we do at CoppaFeel! which means we use our funds in ways that will allow us to reach the most young people with our life-saving message.

Our work changes lives 

We aim to empower all young people with the knowledge to get to know what’s normal for them, and the confidence to see a doctor if they notice any changes. Read our latest impact report for the low-down on exactly what we’ve been able to achieve with your support.

2020 Impact Report

2019 Impact Report

Your Stories

The most powerful way for us to demonstrate the true impact of our work, is to hand the mic over to you. Every story shows how our work helped to educate, encourage or empower them to be proactive about their health and most importantly ensure breast cancers are diagnosed early. 

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Your Feedback

Jenny, Boobette Volunteer

“Without Kris and her wonderful support network working so hard to set up CoppaFeel! to bring awareness and educate young women on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer I would not be able to sit here today. I am privileged to say I am the first person that contacted CoppaFeel! to say thank you and tell them how they have not only changed my life but saved my life.”


Debbie, Practice Nurse

“Patients often feel they don’t know how to do a breast check or forget to do it so checking cards leaflets are great to remind them.”

Lesley, Practice Nurse

“Postive, great idea, good images, will be sharing this with my teenage girls. We use these at our smear appointments.”

How we spend our money

Our money is spent on materials, services and campaigns to educate and remind young people to check their boobs or pecs!

  • £5 enables us to send out 100 SMS boob-check reminders.
  • £10 allows us to equip our Boobettes with awareness materials so they can carry out talks to educate hundreds of young people.
  • £25 enables us to provide 70 young people with a handy shower sticker to act as their monthly reminder.

For more detailed information (and fancy graphs) about how we spend our money, please read our latest annual report.

Read our latest annual report


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