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The criteria for being our patron: must love boobs, must want to save lives, must enjoy cake and be partial to lycra and doing the CoppaFeel! Lunge.

Vicky Pattison

I have been a huge fan of CoppaFeel! for almost 10 years now and am so happy to be getting more involved with the charity’s incredible work! Anything I get involved in has been chaotic, fun and oh so rewarding and as a patron, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into more awareness raising challenges to help spread to word about the importance of getting to know yourself.

Vicky has been supporting us for many moons, but now we are making it official and are extremely proud to have her as our patron. For the gal who fell off her bike on the Hilly Hundred and lost half of her toe in Iceland on behalf of CoppaFeel! – it was only a matter of time. We can’t wait for the wild and fun adventures ahead with Vicky – boobsuit included!

Perrie Edwards

Breast cancer affects so many people. As a patron, I want to raise awareness to ensure no family is faced with a late-diagnosis, and the devastation it can bring. CoppaFeel! do such an incredible job of educating young people, and I feel privileged to be associated with them.

Perrie became a patron of CoppaFeel! in 2019 and since then has made it her mission to  raise awareness of breast cancer in young people. From shouting about boob-checking on social to lending her design eye to our merch and attending our first ever virtual series of events, Perrie’s been flying the flag for CoppaFeel! since day dot.

Fearne Cotton

Kris is an inspirational young woman, who whilst fighting an incredibly brave battle of her own has made it her mission to educate people on the importance of checking their breasts regularly.

Fearne joined the boob team at the beginning of 2011. Her first mission was to complete the Hundred Hooters Bath Half marathon (her first ever half marathon) in aid of CoppaFeel!. Since then she has designed us limited edition tshirts and is the curator of Festifeel, our one-day music festival. Sharing our passion for all things boobs, cakes and lunging, we’ve got plenty more exciting things in store for Fearne!

Greg James

I’m honoured to be an official part of the CoppaFeel! family and be able to support this very brilliant charity. I’ve no doubt that we’ll be working on some fun and creative campaigns and fundraisers together and look forward to seeing what they have in store for me! Perhaps one of these days I might even beat Dermot O’Leary in a half marathon..so watch this space.

We’re thrilled to welcome Greg into the CoppaFeel! bosom as our official patron, following his support which started back in 2013 when he agreed to running a half marathon alongside Dermot. We have some other exciting plans and ideas up our sleeves for this BBC Radio 1 presenter and TV presenter so you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Giovanna Fletcher

I love all the work CoppaFeel! does and think it’s so important that everyone knows the many symptoms of breast cancer in the hope of stamping out late detection and increasing survival rates. I was already honoured to be a digital boob ambassador (aka, boob ninja), but now I’m ecstatic to be a PATRON!!

Giovanna joined the Boob Team ranks in 2015 as one of the founding members of our Digital Boob Team. Since then she has become the ultimate boob-checking fan-girl, talking about norks at any opportunity, starring in our #GetItOffYourChest campaign and trekking the Omani desert in the names of boobs in Autumn 2017. So you can only imagine how stoked we were when she said she’d take it to the next level and become our official patron.

Sarah Outen

I first heard about CoppaFeel! when Kris won the Pride of Britain award in 2009 and immediately knew that I wanted to do what I could to support their work.  I am stoked to be a Patron of CoppaFeel! and proud to encourage the world to check their boobs. It’s a no brainer to me – we all need to shout as loud as we can about boobs. And if you do it with CoppaFeel!, you’re guaranteed to have heaps of fun along the way.

Sarah is our most adventurous patron, having rowed two oceans and cycled all the way to Japan, on a mission to travel around the world, entirely powered by herself. We have a bucket full of respect for this lady and we love having her on board.

Newton Faulkner

I am a big fan of CoppaFeel! and all the positive things they do. I loved performing at their first all-day music festival in 2010 – there was such a great atmosphere and everyone was there for the same reason – because they wanted to help save lives.

This multi talented chap was first introduced to the CoppaFeel! world back at the beginning of 2010. Three months later and his love for all things good (boobs) persuaded him to be the headline act at CoppaFeel!’s first FestiFeel!. In May 2011 he serenaded 62 cyclists over the finish line at Land’s End at the finale of Bikin’ for Boobies, which marked the end of a torturous 135 mile bike ride in Cornwall!

Dermot O’Leary

I am very excited about being involved with CoppaFeel! It was founded out of a desire to truly make a difference and save lives and together, we do just that!

Dermot jumped on board the boob bus shortly after Fearne and his debut was at Festifeel, where he not only introduced the headlining act Noah and the Whale onto the stage, he also serenaded the audience with a guitar solo! As well as entertaining people, he recently got involved with the CoppaFeel! garden at Hampton Court and has run two half marathons with Team Boobs in Bath!

Harry Becher

I met Kris and Maren through a friend and I was inspired to work with CoppaFeel! on assorted projects. My brother Anthony and I will be doing everything we can to raise as much money as possible for CoppaFeel!

Harry Lost his beloved mother ‘Judes’ to breast cancer on the 28th of November 2008. Since then he has raised over £1,000,000 for breast cancer charities through his campaign ‘Too Many Women’. Harry lives in West London, works as a ‘Fixer’ and spends as much time as possible in the beautiful hills of Andalucia in Spain. And we think he’s great.

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