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We’re asking the lingerie world to introduce life-saving, boob checking reminder labels into all your bras.

What is #BraHijack?

We believe that knowing your boobs could save your life. We also know that you’re busy people and it’s easy to forget to check them. It’s why we’ve devised a number of ways to remind you when you least expect it – like when you put on your bra each morning. Our little reminder labels have been gracing lingerie since 2013, when we first started asking the great-and-good of the underwear world to help us get the bra-wearing public of Britain checking their boobs. Cool, huh?

How can i get involved?

The criteria is pretty simple. You must: love boobs, think everyone should have the best chance of surviving breast cancer and be a big name in the bra game (although if you work for a swimwear or sportswear brand, that’s also totally cool with us). Scroll down to get in touch and see who’s supporting the campaign already.

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