It’s BRA-vo to our Fab partners Fabletics who are letting CoppaFeel! hijack the bra pages of their website with our chest-checking awareness messaging from until the end of the month!  Fabletics have supported CoppaFeel! since October 2021; spreading awareness and fundraising with a range of boob-worthy initiatives.  This month, they want to remind their shoppers that bra-rowsing their bra range is an opportune time to get back in touch with your body and get to know what is normal for you. 

So, why not support your chest this summer by getting to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer with our Faboobulous friends at Fabletics.  Head to the bra pages of their website, to see our tips, advice and reminders  in all their glory, and why not pick up a bra whilst you’re there? Be sure to keep an eye on their socials for some Faboobulous giveaways too!