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Real Stories: Zoe

29 July 2022


“Looking back, I understand that I know my body more than anyone else. Remember that you’re not wasting your doctor’s time and they want to hear from you.”  

Zoe was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23 and now volunteers as a Boobette for CoppaFeel!

“I chose to become a Boobette because it means that I get to speak to different schools and organisations about my personal journey. It helps other people understand that breast cancer can actually happen to someone who looks like me. 

The main thing I take away is that I could essentially save somebody’s life. Breast cancer is treatable when it’s detected early. You don’t want to instil fear in people but you do want them to be aware that it can be a possibility. You should definitely advocate for your health more and push more when you know something isn’t normal for you.”

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Our Boobettes are a group of volunteers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 35, have had preventative surgery, a breast cancer scare at a young age or a strong connection to the disease. Find out more about the Boobettes and how you can arrange a visit by clicking below.

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