Boob Bot is here to make checking easy

When it comes to boob-checking, we know there’s lots of information out there and it can sometimes be confusing to know your A’s from your boob-B’s. In fact, just under half of 18-24 year olds aren’t confident they know how their boobs normally look and feel, or how to check them, and this lack of confidence is consistently the biggest barrier to checking for young people*.

We’ve created Boob Bot to empower ‘non-checkers’ and give them the tools they need to feel confident about getting to know their bodies. Our messenger assistant will talk them through a boob-check, tailoring advice to help them get to know what’s normal for their body and get clued up on the symptoms of breast cancer. They’ll have the option to do the check in real-time, letting the bot walk them through checking tips and doing it at their own pace.

Practice makes perfect, so once the check is complete, users will have the chance to sign up for regular reminders or repeat the process in a month’s time, helping them master the skill and make checking part of a regular routine.

The truth is, knowing what’s normal for your body and being aware of the signs of breast cancer could save your life. So whether you’re a guy, gal or non-binary pal, let Boob Bot show you how it’s done.

Try out Boob Bot

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