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Responding to the Sewell Report

18 April 2021

Given the recent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities in the UK and the subsequent findings of the Sewell Report, we wanted to issue a statement to acknowledge the unrest many of our beneficiaries may be feeling.

Whilst the recent commission into racism and the findings of the Sewell report acknowledge that there is mixed evidence for breast cancer survival rates and that there is lower uptake for screening amongst South Asian and Black people, the report has caused some unrest that the unique challenges of Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are being down played.

For the last 6 months CoppaFeel! has been working on an EDI strategy which advocates for quality cancer education for all and aims to ensure that the genuine barriers to prompt information and access to care for young people from minoritized groups becomes a reality. Click below for more on our ongoing commitment to becoming a more equitable charity.

Inclusive Change Advisory Group

These are the individuals who give power to the voices of all of our beneficiaries and take proactive steps to ensure CoppaFeel! better reach, represent, amplify and support their needs. We are grateful for their honesty, bravery and expertise in guiding our work to create a more equitable future for our charity and the beneficiaries we serve.

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