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We’ve given The Self Checkout the ultimate makeover! Say hello to the new, fun and interactive chest-checking tool on the block.

Our game-changing tool, The Self-Checkout, is designed to help you get to know your chest by addressing some of the common barriers to checking. Whether you are a newbie starting out, or an occasional checker, The Self-Checkout guides you through the steps to get started and supports you in making it a regular part of your routine.

✨Reasons Why You’ll Love The Self Checkout✨

  • Check Your Chest in Just 2 Minutes 🕒 We get it; life’s busy. But guess what? You can now give your chest a quick check in just 2 minutes! It’s the ultimate express lane for your chest health.
  • Personalise Your Journey 🌈 Embrace your unique self! The Self Checkout lets you personalise your chest-checking journey based on your gender and identity. It’s all about inclusivity, making you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and empowering you to get to know your normal.
  • Chest Checking 101: Dive into Our Videos on Checking 📹 We’ve got your back with step-by-step guidance in our chest-checking videos.
  • Discover How Others Copp-a-Feel 👀 Ever wondered how your fellow chest-checkers go about it? Now you can! Check out videos of how others copp-a-feel to learn, share tips, and feel like part of our incredible community.
  • Set Personalised Checking Reminders 📆 Set up personalised reminders so you never miss your chest check. It’s like having a friendly nudge from your future self.

Remember, The Self Checkout isn’t a diagnostic tool – it’s your wing person on your journey to getting clued up on your chest health. It’s all about building your confidence and knowledge while making chest-checking a regular and empowering part of your routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into The Self Checkout 2.0 now and embrace your new chest-checking routine  💁‍♀️

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