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October not only marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also celebrates Black History Month!

At CoppaFeel!, we know that diversity and inclusion must underpin all of our work if we want to achieve our mission of reaching every young person with our life-saving message!This month, we’re highlighting health inequities in the Black community and sharing the importance of representative breast health awareness. 

96% of Black Women who have experienced breast cancer have not felt represented enough in the media” – Black Women Rising, 2023. The 100 survery

Earlier this year, we partnered with Black Women Rising to create the Chest Checklist, which aims to tackle the problematic underrepresentation of Black skin in breast cancer awareness. We’re delving into stories from the Black community to amplify their experiences with checking their chests.

Do the Chest Checklist!

We partnered with Black Women Rising to make sure our breast health content speaks to young people of colour. Black Caribbean and African women are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, attributed to systemic failures and health inequities that lead to symptoms going undetected.

Tajana Tokyo – What the Chest Checklist Campaign means to her

We chatted with the amazing director of the Chest Checklist, Tajana Tokyo, to find out what our Chest Checklist campaign meant to her.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy was diagnosed with breast cancer after accidentally finding a lump in her chest.

“For me, it’s really important to represent a black woman with breast cancer because there’s probably lots of other women that were like me and didn’t feel like there was anyone they could speak to. And now I’ve got an opportunity to be that person that I needed.”

Watch Lucy’s Story



Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and can affect any body, so every body needs to be getting to know their normal.

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The Chest Checklist!

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